Do you consider yourself intelligent Why

I am intelligent enough to know that it has very little to do with academia. Being learned/well spoken etc simply means that you may have been reasonably well educated... or were born into, or gained an adequate enough amount of 'culture capital' to impress the easily impressed.

I think that one of the biggest mistakes people make is mistaking academia, being well read, 'culture' ..or being 'cultured' for intelligence. Not necessarily true. Education, in this country at least, as far as the exam system goes... is mostly about memory, not intelligence

and yeah, i think i'm quite intelligent..... and modest

EDIT: Person A and Person B's brains may simply be wired differently, giving them differing forms of intelligence (or aptitudes if you like). For example A may have better spatial awareness , while B is more academic (although I still don't necessarily consider being academic intelligent). One of the main reasons that B will do better than A in school is to do with the cultural capital of their parents (or, in the case of differing schools, the financial abilty of their parents to ensure they attend a 'good' school)... its not the ONLy reason... but a central one.

In my opinion, academia (or being/seeming smart) is learned... intelligence is more natural. I don't base intelligence on academic ability for this reason. I suppose that it just depends on what you call intelligence, different people have different opinions.... some people would say that people like Alan Sugar or Richard Branson were/are intelligent... but they are not very academic are they?

As a culture we look up to those who 'sound' academic (like the Etonian posh boys who run our country, or the 'elite' in any other society) but although academia or being academic, may make you sound good/well spoken/learned, (or even rational) it doesn't necessarily say much about intelligence really (in my opinion), these days, it says more about how/where you were educated.

Reasoning (or, the ability to) doesn't necessarily have anything to do with academia. But the way its elaborated might/does.

Source(s): good question btw...