Do the French hate N Americans

Why do the French hate Americans so much? Simple. The reasons to that may be earlier than the 20th century, but let's start at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1953-1954, where the arrogant but weak French were disgracefully defeated by the Viet-Minh, led by the greatest general of Vietnam named Vo Nguyen Giap. During that time, the French were desperately in need of American help, but they refused due to the refusals of the UK and other allies. With that resentment, combined with the one in 1945 when Allie forces invaded Normandy without involving the French, caused the French to feel inferior and ashamed. For those reasons and others, the French have been hating the Americans ever since.

As a Vietnamese-American, I only admire the French for having the most beautiful language in the world, but that's about it. I hate them for their brutality and atrocities in Vietnam. I despise them for their inferiority, relative to other European powers. If Vietnam was modernized as early as Japan was in the 19th century, the weak-*** French would have never able to invade her. Indicative of that argument was verified when they were defeated by the Viet-Minh in 1954, which damaged their economy terribly as colonialism was their primary source of income.