Do shipping containers rust

Shipping containers are made of steel and are used for different purposes such as storing goods or even being converted into a home. However, these containers will begin to rust after some time if they are not taken care of.

The rust is formed by an oxidation reaction between the steel in the sandpaper, oxygen and water. The result of this reaction is the formation of a layer of hydrated iron (III) oxide commonly known as rust. The rust on the steel reduces the life of the container and causes it to deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, shipping container prices are usually dependent on the condition and size of the container. A rusty container will likely fetch a lower price as compared to one in a better condition, even if they are in the same size.

Therefore, it is essential to take steps to prevent rust from damaging the shipping containers. Here are some tips to help prevent containers from rusting.

Positioning the containers

Before constructing a container, it is important to identify the direction from which the wind blows. The container should not be exposed to direct winds, as strong winds will speed up the process of rusting. To prevent exposure, you could position the containers in such a way that they get minimum exposure. The surface on which the 20ft shipping container or the 40ft shipping container is on needs to be levelled. An uneven surface means that the container will be tilted, causing water to collect and facilitating the process of rusting.

Regular inspection of containers

To prevent rust from forming on the steel, you should regularly inspect your containers. That means the walls; floor and roof need to be frequently checked for any signs of damage or leakage. Furthermore, you should look for standing water especially on the roof. Sometimes after a heavy rain, a puddle will be formed on the roof to avoid long-lasting damage.

Lubrication of door hinges

Door hinges are one of the most common places where rust is seen. The rust will hinder the movement of the doors and causes problems for the user of the container. Thus, it is important that you frequently clean the hinges and lubricates it with oil or other sprays to prevent damage from rust.

Paint to remove rust

If small patches of rust are seen on the container, you need to scrape the rust until the metal is visible. Also, you need to paint the metal and seal the paint. Sandblasting is another technique used to remove rust. You can also use a thin wire brush and sand paper to get rid of rust.

Zinc Aluminium Coating

Many people hire companies to spray their containers with a zinc aluminium coating. That is done using electric arc wire tools, and the container is coated with a layer of zinc and aluminium. That layer helps to protect the steel from corrosion and therefore prevents rusting. Thus, the life of the container and its durability is improved due to the layer of zinc.

Rusting is a chemical process that deteriorates the life of the container. Therefore, these tips serve as a guide to prevent rust from damaging your containers.

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