Do plants have awareness

Do plants think, have awareness, conscience, emotion?

Postby vangra » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:30 pm

I used to watch many nature docos many years back and am starting to revisit them now. Anyway, I've seen some eerie things that make me wonder if plants may have a "conscience" or ability to think.
They respond to many stimuli and react accordingly. They can respond to light, pressure, temperature, gravity, water, nutrients in soil, they can release toxins when attacked by predators, they can communicate chemically.
I read about how tomato plants when attacked will release a certain chemical in the air and other tomato plants will pick it up and respond by producing a toxin that will deter the attacker.
I read somewhere that plants may have seasonal memory because they will ready their 'immunity" for different season predators.
There is another plant, I forgot the name, that when touched will instantly wilt, Im guessing because when wilted it looks less appetising that fresher looking plants or maybe so predator insects will fall off the leaves.
What do others think about this? Do any of you have any other remarkable stories to add to this.