Do Hindu girls really love Muslim men

Priya says: January 16, 2013 at 11:43 pm

I am in a similar position! I am Hindu and like a Muslim guy, he is a really decent guy and have known him for ages, we use to be good friends. the only problem about coming out and telling my family is the religion! Just because of the whole thing before in the past, families these days are still restricting their children between the two religions! To be honest you can’t help who you fall in love with. Half of you wants to know that the relationship will be a long term or not but the other half doesn’t want to loose your family over the decision you make.

Dilemma?! -Priya

Admin says:

Adults have to learn to live in a new times. You cannot spend your whole life just to please adults, you will never be able to progress. So make a tough decision, what even if it means going against your parents and upsetting them. Ultimately they will come around.

What ever we said above applies only to a very mature adults and those who are ready to make a fully “informed” decision. Please learn from your adults and others, rather than proving yourself that they were right and destroying your life (like Nirmala and Anita). So, have you read ….
Islamic expectations for you?
Islamic Women Today?
Hindu-Muslim marriages?
Has he read Muslim boy,
Is he willing to live a pluralistic life?

You said, “Just because of the whole thing before in the past”, is not true. There is not much that has change from the past. If your boy friend and his family are expecting Islamic Nikaah, means you have to convert to Islam before your wedding, accept a Muslim name and be ready to raise ONLY Muslim children. Remember, rules will be more strict for a new convert rather than those who are already born as Muslims in their Muslim families. Are you ready to live a Muslim life?

You said, “Dilemma?!”. Dilemma is because you probably have not done your homework and want to blame adults.

We hope we are wrong and he and his family does not believe in “whole thing before in the past”. Let us know how are you going to get married, what will be names of children, do they need circumcision, can you teach them from Geeta as well as Koran and you and your husband will visit Hindu temples as well as mosques? We are waiting to hear from you. Good luck! -Admin


Tabbu says:
Hello Priya,

If you want to jump in to a well, it is your choice and luck.

No Hindu girl can live gracefully with a muslim guy.
• On the wedding night you have to prove your virginity,.i,.e. blood stains on the bed sheets and even then,
• you can be divorced any time, when your husband is not satisfied with you sexually,
• he can marry 4 wives, every time a virgin wife,
• you will be beaten violently,
• you will be forced to use Hijab,
• no freedom to move or meet your relatives,
no job permission,
• just a sex doll and
• even if you die, he will have sex with dead body.
• May be you forced to get mutiliated your genital? …. all sorts of evils in the muslim community.

Right now he may be very polite, after having sex for 2/3 months, you will be ignored or tortured physically. You will have no point to return.

Muslim girl can lead a graceful life with Hindu guy but not a Hindu girl with a muslim guy! -Tabbu


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