Could the UK invade and occupy Canada

No, it does not. You can cut food exports from the USA by not shipping it. You cut the Canadian supply by conquering Canada. Any USA able to put multiple armies into Ireland has long since conquered Canada. Any USA able to merely contest the Western approaches is easily able to hold the Panama Canal and conquer ALL UK islands in the Caribbean. The best USA bases to stop food from Argentina is from Puerto Rico. Once you do this, you are probably starving the UK into submission. The remaining food sources are Russia, Romania, and India. Really these are best handle by allies, but if we need to do by combat, we don't have to do in the Western approaches. You can stop Indian imports in the Indian Ocean, or the Med Sea or off the coast of Spain. Russia and Romanian exports can't easily be stopped, but they will not be enough to feed the UK. I have left out the Aussies and NZ. Between 1/2 to 2/3 travels via the South Atlantic, so what stops Argentina stops the this. The rest goes thru the Suez, so it is stop via the India discussion.

Also, there are host of butterflies that we are leaving out. When I cut the South Atlantic, I have probably cut off nitrates to the UK. Where do they get their explosives from. There is a potential for a critical battle around Chile for the nitrate supplies.

Again, if you imagine the effect of world commerce, it becomes clear that even if everyone else really wants to stay out, the Second year of the Anglo-American War becomes WW1.

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