Can psychopaths get stressed by loud noises

A psychosociopathic person by definition does not "feel" emotions the same manner that a normal person does. Therefore, a PSC personality would not become depressed as we understand it. Because PSC's are not worried about how the world percieves them, then depression is not going to manifest because there is no underlying driving factor. PSC's are also narcisstic so failing to reach a goal is not their fault, but it is due to the world. This would manifest anger rather than depression.

A PSC is a very rare combination of psychopath and sociopath. Although both have the same traits there are differences. A psychopath will often have a charming personality, be manipulative and live in the world while appearing normal. They will try to live in the world and get what they want.

A sociopath is easier to spot because they will often cling to a group and become obssessed. They consider themselves outcasts and will disply themselves as such.

A PSC personality is someone who will seem charming but be very manipulative. Very loyal to a group, but able to hide the loyalty in order to function. They will see themselves as neither an outcast or part of the world, but above it, almost god-like. The world, to them, is a place to be manipulated, controlled, and bent to their own liking. They have no regard for others, so depression is not a manifested emotion.