Can entrepreneurs be better political leaders

Be an entrepreneur rather than a politician, what is the relation between these two? Why do we need to map? To my knowledge, both have four common things to achieve in life. Apparently, business is full of politics and, politics is a classical business nowadays. In the real time scenario, entrepreneurs/businessmen are the backbones to drive politics, whether you agree or disagree this is the fact. If a politician is a king subsequently, businessmen are the kingmaker.

An entrepreneur can do much better than a politician as politics have many limitations than entrepreneurship. Establishing a new party and starting a startup will have a similar struggle.

Convincing customer with right productConvincing citizen with right agenda/policies
Need core team to driveNeed reliable people
Right marketing strategy to reach target customersRight canvas to convince the people
Need funds from investorsNeed funds from entrepreneurs
lack of leadership collapse the startuplack of leadership collapse the party

To Serve people-politician:

Serving people is to fulfill their basic needs to live. Why are the majority of the politicians being failed to fulfill their essential needs? is it because the lack of funds or lack of concern. How many countries are being succeeded to create equality in the standard of living?

I still remember when I was in 6th standard while listing a lesson I asked my teacher that ‘why can’t government print more currency and distribute to poor people to have equality in living. For some reason, I didn’t get right answer that time. However, my answer is

  • The currency will lose its value.
  • Inflation would go to peaks. We may end up paying million to buy bread or rice.
  • Nothing can be controlled by the government.

Creating employment is one and the only solution for these problems. How many jobs can be set up by the government? Consequently, we need more potential entrepreneurs to bridge the gap.

Every street has a political leader, however, unfortunately, we don’t have at least one entrepreneur for each town/village. Why can’t we have one? Why can’t you be the Entrepreneur?

Climbing the social ladder:

Social status, popularity in masses is one of the big reasons which provoke to be a politician. I agree, this gives hyper satisfaction and kick. However,

Social status = Money/Power/Money & Power.

  • If a politician earns more money than a successful entrepreneur, no doubt it is corrupted money. When you are being scared to spend your money, why do you need that? Can you buy Mercedes car or jet flight on your name? How many politicians have a peaceful sleep? Be a successful entrepreneur and enjoy your earnings.
  • Power is not permanent, it may be 4yrs or 5yrs depends on nation may be twice of that duration based on the performance. To get into power, a politician needs to be elected by people. However, an entrepreneur can create power on his/her own.

No age limitation:

Unfortunately, many countries don’t have age limitation for politicians. For instance, why are we still following the same constitution with small amendments now and then? How does it suffice today’s requirements? Similarly, with politics, politicians have to be transformed to the younger generation as it is much needed to understand the ground reality. Unfortunately, it is not happening in the current scenario. However, an entrepreneur will be forced to be up to date with current trends. Otherwise, he will be out the game.

To make money:

Making money is the most important thing in the life to survive, however, how are you making money matters rather than how much you are making. When you are getting scared to spend your money, there is no point to earn in that direction. As I already said a successful entrepreneur could enjoy his/her earnings to the maximum.

Few entrepreneurs usually get into politics to see another side of the coin. However, I am sure a true entrepreneur can’t survive for a long time in politics.

Finally, what do you want to be:  A kingmaker or a king

No one is better patriot than an Entrepreneur

Narasimha Mohan

Take away:

  • We need more entrepreneurs to create employment.
  • A politician has a lot of limitation to create employment.
  • The politician has to get into power to enjoy for a limited period.
  • An entrepreneur can create power for a lifetime.


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