Can a lesbian become gay

Can a straight person become gay?

Yes it happened twice: once in Wales and now in France

We often hear uneducated and ill-informed religious people sprouting the theory straight can be turned gay. And that’s why it’s best to keep homosexuals in the closet, out of our schools and  that diversity/anti-bullying programs should never be taught in schools as they promote the ‘hoooomosexual lifestyle’. The Rev Fred Nile called these programs brain-washing.

It’s not that easy

Over  the years, religious conservatives created fear-mongering campaigns with titles such as ‘Save our Children’ or ‘Protect our Children from Homosexual Recruitment’ believing that all it takes to turn a straight person over to the dark side is a gay man or lesbian……and this occurs supposedly through sexual abuse or seduction. Whist some might have one or several same-sex experiences, it never actually flicks the switch.

God knows, for four decades, Christian gay conversion therapy organisations have told endless stories of the opposite; people who say they were once gay but are now straight. The problem with those stories is that the people have not really changed their sexual orientation; they have basically suppressed it and in a heterosexual marriage become nothing more than situational heterosexuals. Over time they eventually realise that their ‘unwanted same sex attraction’ hasn’t really changed and they come out at 40, 50 or even 60.

Some spend the rest of their lives wondering about the wasted years as they face the reality that half or more of their lives were a lie. Others have never fully accepted their orientation but only reluctantly resigned themselves to the fact they are gay. These are some of the saddest people on the planet as they know they can’t be straight but wish they weren’t gay. Spending your life wishing you were someone you’re not is not living or even existing, it’s robbed you of your very existence.

Research has shown that there is no sexual orientation switch that flicks people over from DC to AC or vice versa; by the individual or by another person. If that was possible then I would have definitely been straight. Everyone in my world tried to make sure my switch was on straight.